Real Christian Housewives!

This came across my Google homepage recently: a casting call for “real” Christian women. Apparently, some television company is developing a reality program “that will highlight the lives, hopes, dreams and responsibilities of a group of women who are leaders in their Christian community.” Those who know me well know my sordid fixation on reality television, and now here’s my chance. If am deemed real enough as a Christian woman, I might just make it to television stardom.

It’s interesting what the casting call deems a real Christian woman: those who are “active organizers” in the church and “a force behind [a] community’s social functions”; wives of charismatic pastors; someone friends turn to “for guidance and advice”; women who encourages those around them “to hold strong to their convictions and uphold a traditional lifestyle”; and, finally, spiritual leaders, or even “a woman of the cloth.” At least this list is more dynamic than the one we’ve blogged about here.

I’m not sure where I’d fit in these characteristics, but I do know women (ahem, Kendra) who people turn to for guidance and advice. I even know a few women of the cloth (for example, Sarah Baldwin, George Fox University’s chaplain, would be as great on television as she is in real life).

As they say in the TV biz, stay tuned. This may be one “ground-breaking” and “mind-awakening” show worth following. A Real Housewives of First Baptist, perhaps?

In the meantime, you too can be cast in a part. Check out the link here.