Welcome to the Ain’t I a Woman Blog

What does contemporary Christian culture tell us about being a woman?

· That we are made in the image of God, who just happens to be male;

· That our highest ambition is to become a smokin’ hot bride and mother to a quiver full;

· That radical womanhood requires complete submission;

· That we are to live, act, and behave with modesty: that is, unless we wear Christian lingerie;

· That women have their own special (albeit limited) place, because the Bible tells us so.

Given the persistent thrum of these messages—from the pulpit, from contemporary Christian music, from blogs and magazines and books, even from girls’ toys—it’s no wonder Christian women struggle to find a voice in their church communities and to feel affirmed in their life’s choices, whatever those might be.

At the Aint I Woman? blog, we intend to examine the many ways Christian culture lets women know exactly who they should be, deconstructing those messages that we find troubling—and, in the process, constructing a different message: one that allows Christian women to be all that God intended.

We also want our blog to be a conversation, so please feel free to respond. Help us shape our own understanding about what it means to be formed in God’s image, and let us know when your experiences of God, the church, Christian culture, differ from our own.

Our blog title comes from Sojourner Truth’s speech, given in 1851. She says she’d been told that women had fewer rights than men because of Christ’s gender. Nearly 150 years later, not much has changed. Sojourner Truth’s compelling words reminds us, even now, that despite what many Christians say a woman should be, the truth is something else entirely.