Ah, Politics and Sexism

Callista Gingrich, a woman and thus the bearer of all bad things, tempted Newt beyond his control, leading him down the adulterous path for a period of eight years. And, since Newt, in courting James Dobson’s support in 2007 confessed to Dobson his sin, he—apparently—is fit to be president. However, according to Dobson’s recent remarks delivered to the Evangelical hand-wringing session to determine which Republican candidate has the appropriate Christian credentials, Callista should never be considered First Lady material.

She is a tempter. She is an unrepentant sinner. And she, not Newt, should be seen as unfit for the White House.

This kind of sexism is rampant within conservative Evangelical groups.

Consider, for a moment, two separate situations. First, South Carolina, often referred to as the buckle of the Bible belt—the value voters—shocked many around the nation when it overwhelmingly chose Newt Gingrich over Mitt Romney. Despite South Carolina voters leaning toward Romney just one week before the primary election, Gingrich with his astute debate performance turned his hypocritical actions into a vitriolic attack on the media resulting in a voter stampede of support. These voters left in their wake a baffling hypocrisy: Newt’s decision to leave his first wife after she was diagnosed with cancer; Newt’s decision to leave his second wife after she was diagnosed with MS and after he admitted to having a six-year affair with another woman and after his wife put the kibosh on the idea of an open marriage; Newt’s strident claim that homosexual unions are undercutting the sanctity of marriage all the while he is—actually—trashing his marriage vows.

Apparently, Newt’s real values don’t really matter, only one’s he claims to hold.

Second, look at Rick Santorum’s claims about women and abortion. While using a soft voice filled with compassion and empathy he nevertheless claims women who are raped or are the victims of incest should, despite enduring such a horrific crime, welcome an unplanned pregnancy as a gift. Really?

Now, I get that life is sacred. All life is sacred. I would even go so far as to say lives of people around the globe are sacred, you know, all of those lives we kill each and every day in the name of terrorism. Yeah, they are someone’s mother or father, sister or uncle. They were created for life, not for death at our hands.

And yet, Santorum is eager on these accounts, ready to take on any other country or regime who thinks it wants to stand up to the military strength of our military. No sacredness of life to slow down this hawkish candidate.

But, if a woman desires to have control over her reproductive decisions, well, now, Santorum is all about usurping that individual freedom and placing it squarely in the hands of the almighty government.

Looks to me like these two Republican candidates provide a clear snapshot of the wide reach of Evangelical hypocrisy. Claim to be for marriage and if you happen to have trouble maintaining one, then blame the woman who tempted the poor guy. It really wasn’t his fault, after all. Don’t you remember anything about Genesis and the garden and Eve’s dalliance with the serpent?

But women are important. Well, important to control. So, run on a platform of small government, of working to keep government out of the lives of people so that they can live with all of the benefits of economic prosperity but with any of the responsibility of living collectively as a people. However, even this kind of government should have a long arm when it comes to one thing: women’s reproduction.

And lest you think Santorum has the corner market on such an idea, please know Rick Perry, the only slightly diminished “oops” candidate yet still governor of Texas (Grrr), must be smiling as his bill to inject government into women’s lives is being confirmed by the courts. Now women in Texas who are seeking abortions, a difficult and painful decision to be sure, must be further traumatized by a mandatory viewing of their sonogram.

Ah, the supreme spirituality of these candidates to uphold their sexism as they seek to return our nation to the traditional values it once held.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to hit the voting booth.