Wombs are under Attack!

Wife: check. Mother: nope. Homemaker: nope. It appears Above Rubies is designed for me to help me embrace my three-fold calling of wife, mother, and home-maker, especially since I am woefully inadequate at two out of three.

It’s no surprise to you by now to find out that a vast number of Christian websites support the idea of gender roles. Here, drawing on Proverbs 31, the goal is to convince women that they are more precious than expensive jewels and what makes them so is their willingness to go against societal expectations and instead stay home, have babies, and love every minute of it.

While encouraging women to see themselves as intended to be all things domestic is nothing new there is a growing segment that takes this notion to a higher level by calling birth control anti-Christian and an invention of the devil; clearly a societal device to be shunned. (I imagine the recent Republican-driven crusade against providing adequate and affordable birth control and women’s reproductive medical care is more in tune to this shift in the Christian fundamentalist and evangelical movements than most, it representing an opportunity to shore up the voting block for the November election.)

Started by Nancy Campbell over thirty years ago, Above Rubies tells women their most valued features are their wombs. Here’s what Nancy says: “We must positively seek to protect our womb. There is an unprecedented attack against the wombs of women today which is inspired by the enemy. We must be aware of his tactics. In fact, this war began at the very beginning of time when God said there would be hostility and enmity between Satan and the woman.“

Well, this is certainly news to me. I hadn’t noticed my womb was under attack except for about once a month. But, I have generally assigned this war to one I intend to wage with God when I finally get a chance to complain about the disparity such month feminine visitations represent compared with, let’s see, oh yeah, nothing close that men enjoy.

Yet, the Above Rubies website doesn’t leave men out. In the “Meat for Men: Uncompromising Manhood and Daily Encouragement for All Men, Fathers, and Future Leaders” Colin Campbell argues many women today are sacrificing their children on the altars of careerism and men have blithely allowed this continue. Now is the time for men to rise up and see their seed as God-given and not to be wasted. So, you see, men are primed to do battle against the evils of feminists who themselves are both villains and victims. If men will embrace their God-given duty to be leaders and fathers, the family will become all that God intended.

I don’t know about you, but I, for one, will be greatly relieved when the war against wombs is won and the earth is finally full and fruitful. Because, of course, it surely isn’t full yet and who knows how much longer it can be fruitful? Well, that’s only frivolous talk; the devil made me do it.