Pat Robertson’s Good News for Women

Pat Robertson has done it again! If you find yourself needing a little marriage advice, I cannot think of someone more gifted and able to provide you sage counseling than the Pastor of the Christian Broadcast Network.

When a woman whose husband had cheated on her recently asked Robertson how she can begin to forgive her husband and trust him again, Robertson wisely gave his co-host an opportunity to respond first almost as if to say, “you give your trite little answer and then I’ll tell the whiney woman what she really needs to hear.” And, truth be told, his co-host really offered the least helpful advice when she demonstrated empathy and acknowledged how difficult forgiveness is especially when it involves infidelity within a marriage. I mean, who really wants their raw feelings of loss and betrayal validated?

Robertson’s advice, though, conveyed just how easy it is to move forward in a marriage when a husband has been unfaithful. The wife simply needs to understand that, well, he’s a man. So, he slept with someone else, what can be done about it now? Robertson helpfully suggests that instead of concentrating on the husband’s actions (he probably just slept with a stripper ten years ago anyway), the wife should focus on the good qualities of her husband. So, he was a wee-bit unfaithful, does he provide a home with protection? Maybe he has a wandering eye—salacious images of women are everywhere for God’s sake—the real question is does he take the kids to baseball practice and is he nice to them?

Come on, do you really think it is all that bad that a husband wander occasionally? Besides, a man usually strays only if his wife has not made her home all that enticing (I’m guessing Robertson meant this woman needed to pay more attention to her appearance, perhaps spend more time shopping at Victoria’s Secret to spruce up of her teddy collection) for him. In the end, you see, it is the woman’s fault if her husband doesn’t find all he wants with her, in their home.

Now aren’t you glad for Robertson’s excellent marriage advice? I can imagine just how many women who have been scarred by the reality of a cheating husband are thrilled to know the way to move forward is to brush off the little indiscretion as just that and realize instead just how fortunate she is to have a man. Oh, and that she lives in the good ole’ U.S. of A. where so many good things abound (I assume he is talking about the legislative efforts to take reproductive decisions out of the hands of women and not the legislative gains made in support of marriage equality for all people, but that’s another topic for another day.)

Thanks, Pat.