Homemaking combats Feminism

If you are scouting about for a conference to attend, may I suggest The Art of Homemaking: Making Your House a Home held October 2013 at Southwestern Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas?  Featured speakers will include the renowned Michelle Dugger (mother of 19 children and one reality tv show), Elizabeth George (not the well-known author), and Dorothy Patterson (wife of Paige Patterson, prominent Southern Baptist leader).

Topics of interest for the conference include “God’s Paradigm for the Homemaker,” “Spiritual Formation through Family Worship,” and my favorite, “Impact of Feminism on the Home.”

Since, as the promotional materials explain, “women and the home are under attack from every angle in contemporary society,” this conference is sure to help you wage a counter-offensive, most likely by baking chocolate cupcakes with a cream cheese ganache and cleaning the dirty commode all while singing Jesus’ praises for teaching you to be a cheerful servant.

In preparation for this conference, you may want to read a book co-edited by the director of Southwestern’s degree plan in Christian Homemaking, Pat Ennis: The Christian Homemaker’s Handbook. While I’ve only had the opportunity to read the first two chapters so far, there is no question who the bad people are who have virtually dismantled American society: the evil feminists with all of their unbiblical claims about equality.

I’m sure that if I read more, I would have additional comments about this new helpful handbook, but for now, just two short responses will have to suffice.

First, Candi Fench’s claim that feminists equate equality with “sameness” is just blatantly wrong. And since she built her entire flimsy argument on this one false statement, I have little faith in her biblical exegesis.

Two, you mean I don’t even have to read more than the first chapter to learn about how evil feminists have been role models for Pat’s homemaking students and therefore have shown these students how terrible it is to have a spirit of independence and since they are feminists they obviously do not know how to speak with others graciously or to be kind?

Whatever else there is to learn about godly homemaking in this book or through this conference, one thing is evident: feminism is bad and sexism is both godly and good.

We would like to hear from you. In what ways have you been told feminism is evil? How has sexism been promoted in your church communities?