About Blogging, Books, and a Little Good News

Most of you probably haven’t noticed, but we have: this blog has been a little more silent in the last month. We can have January to blame, only in part; and whew, thank God the darkest, longest, coldest month of the year is over. Both of us also work full-time jobs, teaching college students, and our paying gigs have seemed especially intense lately: shrinking institutional budgets mean bigger classes and overloads, plus more students and more grading, plus all kinds of other responsibilities we try not to complain about, even though we do.

And it’s not like there’s been nothing to write about lately. Evangelical popular culture continues to churn out ridiculous ways to let women know God’s great plan for them: over on John Piper’s Desiring God site, a writer has been inspired by the Olympics to let his wife know her role (you know, because in ice skating, the man always leads); and one of us has uncovered an entire treasure trove of princess-inspired Sunday school curricula, designed to help little girls become daughters of the king. What Sunday morning isn’t complete without etiquette lessons and tea parties?

But here’s the real reason our blog hasn’t been as active lately, and why we will not be posting as often in the future: we got a book contract (!), now signed, sealed, and delivered to our publisher. We are unbelievably excited to be working with Chalice Press, a publisher who specializes in progressive Christian books. We are also a little daunted, because we need to have our manuscript completed by August 1, and while we have completed some work, there’s still work to be done.

We certainly recognize the vagaries of publishing industry, and that getting a book to market is increasingly difficult, and that we are lucky—in evangelical parlance, blessed even—to have this opportunity. So we’re going to put our heads down and work hard over the next few months to write the best book we can. We may celebrate a little bit first, maybe by grading an essay or two.