If Eve Only Knew: It’s Official!

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book cover

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Four years ago this June, Kendra and I sat poolside at a hotel in Indianapolis, dreaming up a project we might work on together. The day seemed quintessentially Midwest summer: cloudy and humid, with thunderstorms threatening; the landscape, flat save for the restaurant signs of Cracker Barrel and Bob Evans, added to the Midwest vibe.

We had just finished a weekend long meeting with the board of Christian Feminism Today and were feeling an exhausted energy I always experienced at the end of church camp: ready to change the world for Jesus (and feminism), but only after sleeping for 15 hours or 60.

Together we thought about the work we might do, as writers interested in helping the young women in our classes process the sometimes negative messages they receive from evangelical popular culture. Kendra and I decided to start a blog, hoping that in the process, we might gather research for a more ambitious project: a book.

One year into our blogging endeavor, we started writing book proposals; two years into our blogging endeavor, we submitted our proposal to several publishers. And about 18 months ago, we signed a contract with Chalice Press, a publisher that has been a dream to work with.

In the last 18 months, we’ve finished our manuscript, then cut 100 plus pages of what we’ve written. We edited and copy-edited, read page proofs and contemplated titles and book covers. We have silently cursed the errors that still somehow snuck through (or at least I silently cursed; I’m not sure about Kendra).

Finally, last week, Chalice Press sent us a photo of our book’s terrific cover, and told us they would start publicizing our forthcoming work, due out at the end of July. So now we can began celebrating. Celebrating, and also experiencing now-and-then anxiety about what people will think of our final project, one that pushes back against some of the well-entrenched mythologies about the Bible, evangelical culture, and God’s design for women and men.

Even though I tell my students never to end a written piece with the phrase “And from this experience I’ve learned . . .” I will say this: From this experience I’ve learned that collaborating with a gifted thinker like Kendra is in itself gift. I have learned a lot from her thoughtful consideration of the Bible, and from walking with her through this entire process.

Thanks to all of you who have encouraged us as we wrote, rewrote, and edited; and for those of you who have sharpened our thinking on a number of fronts. We are grateful for the communities who have helped us write this book.

(If any of you has access to Oprah—or Ellen, I’m not picky—please let us know. I’d be happy to appear on Super Soul Sunday to talk about Christian feminism or bust my moves on Ellen’s show to get our message out there. Those who have seen my dance know how awesome that might be. )